Group meetings

The Martin group holds its weekly meetings every Wednesday at 10.00 (unless otherwise noted). The dates and location of these meetings are shown below.

Date Time Presentation Room
October 13 10.00 Matthijs Sylvius 6.T.01
October 20 10.00 Guest Speaker: Zach Armstrong Sylvius 6.T.01
October 27 10.00 Nicola Sylvius 6.T.01
November 3 10.00 Ray Sylvius 6.T.01
November 10 10.00 Guest Speaker: Sebastian Pomplun Sylvius 6.T.01
November 17 10.00 Problem session Sylvius 6.T.01
November 24 10.00 Elma Sylvius 6.T.01
December 1 No meeting
December 8 No meeting: Chains
December 15 10.00 Learning session Sylvius 6.T.01